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MemoRight MS-701 240GB mSATA Solid State Drive Review

The MemoRight MS-701 240GB mSATA ships in a small blister pack with the product on full show. The company list both MS-700 and MS-701 capacities and speeds on the front of the packaging.

The 240GB MS-701 has two stickers on both front and rear of the drive, these aren’t big, but they cover most of the PCB. We removed these to take a closer look at the components.

The MS-701 uses the LSI SandForce SF-2281 SATA 3 controller. There are four modules of Micron 25nm MLC asynchronous NAND flash memory, each module is 64GB. The total capacity is 256GB, however 16GB of this is used for provisioning which reduces it to 240GB. When formatted in Windows 7, the capacity is reduced to around 224GB.

To give an indication of just how small this drive is, we have included a couple of pictures against a small screwdriver and Nikon camera lens cap.

To test today we are using an Aleratec MiniPCIe mSATA to SATA SSD Adapter – this means we can use our main test rig for direct comparisons against 2.5 inch SATA drives. Many of the mSATA laptops we have at hand are limited to SATA 2 speeds, so it wouldn’t be a viable indication of the ultimate drive performance.

For those interested, this Aleratec adapter can be picked up from Amazon for only £16.

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