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OCZ Agility 4 256 SSD Review – 57p per GB!

The OCZ Agility 4 256GB ships in a tough plastic blisterpack with the Solid State drive itself in plain view from the front.

OCZ include a little user leaflet on the product and a ‘My SSD is faster than your HDD’ sticker. No 3.5 inch adapter with this bundle.

The Agility 4 is finished in a black metal chassis with a sticker on the front highlighting the product range. On the rear is a detailed sticker with serial number and capacity information.

The naked PCB of the Agility 4 256GB. This drive uses the Indilinx Everest 2 IDX400M00-BC controller along with two Hynix DDR3 256 DRAM cache chips. There are 16 x Micron 25nm Asynchronous MLC NAND flash memory chips onboard. Each of these chips is 16GB to deliver a total capacity of 256GB.

When formatted in Windows 7, this is reduced to 238GB.

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