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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB Review

We don’t often use HD Tune Pro but we felt when testing such an exciting new drive that we should give it a working over. It is a small application which scans the hard drive and can measure performance and even errors.

The first test sends 64MB of data in sizes ranging from 0.5KB to 8MB. Once it hits the 32kb file size the drive is scoring 300 MB/s in the write test. It achieves a maximum score of over 525MB/s read and almost 500 MB/s write at the 8MB section of the test, showing again that OCZ are not being dishonest with their marketing campaign.

Sequential read times average around 356 MB/s, peaking at 381 MB/s which is very impressive for this specific software test.

Write performance is fantastic, averaging around 287 MB/s, peaking at almost 381MB/s. CPU demand is also very low throughout which is important to note.

HD Tune Pro offers other test settings, such as random access read and write testing. The figures above are very healthy indeed.

SiSoft Sandra is a benchmark tool that we use fairly regularly, it is a good all round synthetic software suite. Today we are obviously concentrating on the drive sections to ascertain the Vertex 3 performance levels.

The File systems test indicates a performance level over 461 MB/s and the more accurate Physical Disk test scores the drive at almost 491 MB/s. Very strong and easily the best we have seen yet from a single controller based SATA drive.

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