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More info leaks out on NVIDIA’s dual-GPU GTX 690

A leak through Chinese channels not only further engrains previous confirmation that NVIDIA has a dual-GPU based GeForce GTX 690 in the works, but also lets a few more details out the bag on the specs front.

This upcoming dual-GPU wielding weapon will be based on the 28nm GK104 silicon and is said to require juice from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. The card will harness a PCI-E 3.0-compliant bridge chip and its display output configuration will comprise three DVI and one DisplayPort.

Certainly, the biggest concern for many will be the power draw, but given the kinds of people that are serious about laying down big dollars for the top tier models like these, it won’t strike potential buyers as anything outrageous.

Apparently NVIDIA is setting the PSU requirement for the GeForce GTX 690 to be a minimum of 650W. If anything, seems a little lowly? Odds are most people buying one of these cards will already have the funds (if not already own) a high quality 750W+ power supply to ensure stability won’t be an issue.

It can also be expected that the GTX 680’s complete feature set will be in place with the GTX 690.

KitGuru says: We’re yet to obtain the real juicy details including core config, memory amount, speeds etc. – It has been determined that NVIDIA will be timing the launch of its next dual-GPU card to strike soon after AMD’s HD 7990 comes out to play.

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