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AMD officially launches Radeon Pro Duo with focus on VR

We have been hearing about AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo for a while now but today, the company is finally bringing it to the market, featuring 16 teraflops of compute performance and LiquidVR technology to help developers looking to dive in to creating virtual reality content. Virtual Reality demands a lot …

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Nvidia and AMD both show off prototype hardware at VRLA

VRLA kicked off over the weekend and it seems that both AMD and Nvidia showed up with prototype hardware. Nvidia went to the event armed with a Light Field Display headset while AMD and PC builder Falcon Northwest came to the event with PCs featuring the long-awaited dual-Fiji GPU. Nvidia’s …

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Nvidia Titan Z prices continue to drop

The Titan Z was notoriously known for being ridiculously expensive at launch, setting back early buyers by a hefty £2300 in the UK and $3000 in the US. However, Nvidia seems to be coming to its senses, the company has cut the regular price down to £1100 and retailers like Overclockers …

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OCUK selling 100 R9 295×2 GPUs for £699.99

Overclockers UK are selling 100 Sapphire R9 295X2 graphics cards for £699.99, a huge dip from the usual £1039.99 price point. The watercooled dual GPU recently received a price cut over in the US so to celebrate #AMDFriday, OCUK is doing the same. In addition to this deal, you can …

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AMD 7990 Malta engineering sample auction closes at $96,100

PC hardware enthusiasts have always been about bleeding edge performance. Overclocks, voltage mods, extreme cooling, it’s all part of PC aficionado’s arsenal. However, while we all know that keeping up with the latest and greatest can be expensive, it rarely gets as pricey as one ebay user’s recent acquisition: an engineering …

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