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AMD officially launches Radeon Pro Duo with focus on VR

We have been hearing about AMD's Radeon Pro Duo for a while now but today, the company is finally bringing it to the market, featuring 16 teraflops of compute performance and LiquidVR technology to help developers looking to dive in to creating virtual reality content.

Virtual Reality demands a lot of compute performance to ensure a consistent level of performance, which AMD wants to offer with the Radeon Pro Duo, as well as the LiquidVR SDK, which AMD claims to be the world's fastest platform to enable highly detailed VR experience.

Radeon Pro Duo

The Radeon Pro Duo isn't being pitched as a gaming card but rather, a tool for developers to help solve major problems with VR development by reducing latency and enabling faster workflows using FireRender technology, which offers up to 1.73 times GPU scaling. This is also the first product introduced as part of the AMD VR Ready Creator line-up of products, which is aimed at collaborating with and helping developers working on VR projects.

The Radeon Pro Duo will be available from today world-wide with a price tag of £1200/$1500 from select add-in board partners and system integrators. This means that it won't necessarily be widely available for consumers at standard retailers as you might expect.

KitGuru Says: While the Radeon R9 295×2 was served to a broader market, the Radeon Pro Duo has been designed mainly with VR development in mind. What do you guys think of the Radeon Pro Duo? 

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