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Adding tracked feet to VR is very, very simple

As much as tracked hands might be one of the major selling points of the HTC Vive, some developers are already looking beyond that. With talk of HTC/Valve releasing standalone tracking pucks at some point, one developer has strapped a pair of ‘old' controllers to his feet and has used them to add tracked feet to a game.

The game in question is Maximum VR, a game currently in development by AlienTrap, the makers of ModBox and upcoming roguelike shooter, Cryptark. MaximumVR is all about destruction in a VR environment, letting you stomp around as a Kaiju-like monster, smashing buildings, hurling cars and generally making a giant nuisance of yourself.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldQDa-IMo7I']

It all becomes a lot more interesting with tracked feet though. Not only does being able to see where you're standing provide another level of immersion, but it opens up whole new types of interaction in-game. The player in the demonstration video is able to kick buildings and static objects, but can also throw them in the air and kick them on the way down.

Although the controllers attached to his legs are a little unwieldy, it's not hard to imagine a smaller scale Valve tracking puck allowing for a simple penalty shootout game, or something with tight rope walking, or even a dancing rhythm game.

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