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Oculus signs on Fitbit’s Hans Hartmann as new COO

Oculus VR is continuing to snatch up some of the tech-world's brightest stars, taking on Fitbit's Hans Hartmann, who will leave his role as chief operating officer, to fulfil the same role at Oculus instead. Oculus's current COO, Laird Malamed, is said to be taking on another executive role within the company, focused on business scaling.

Announced by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe on Twitter, the move will no doubt bring new perspective and insight to Oculus' manufacturing. Considering the delays that have been faced by early Rift pre-orderers (many of whom still have yet to receive their headsets) this will no doubt be a welcome addition for a large number of fans.

This was highlighted by Iribe's tweet, which pointed to Hartmann's “decades” of experience with hardware and manufacturing, which has been quite an obvious downfall for Oculus since it debuted the Rift in early April. Despite it promising quick shipping, it has really struggled to keep up with pre-orders and orders placed since release (thanks TechCrunch).


In comparison, HTC has much greater experience with manufacturing as it has been making high-end smartphones for years. It has had far fewer issues with its shipping and has had much less flak from the VR community because of it.

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KitGuru Says: Here's hoping that Hartmann can turn around the current problematic situation Oculus is facing, or at the very least make sure that there are no issues when Touch begins shipping later this year. 

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