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Oculus Avatars is the official Rift social app


Although experiences like AltVR, Rec Room and Big Screen have been offering ‘multiplayer' experiences where you can hang out and talk with people in virtual reality for a while, Oculus VR now has its own alternative. Called Oculus Avatars, users will be able to hang out in virtual environment, play …

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Oculus CEO hacked using four year-old MySpace password

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR, has become the latest technology executive to have his social media accounts hacked, with a particular individual claiming responsibility for it on Twitter, announcing themselves as the new head of Oculus. Purportedly, they were able to crack his accounts by discovering his four-year …

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Revive cracks Oculus DRM on Unreal Engine titles

Unsurprisingly, when the Revive project that unlocked Oculus VR's Rift exclusivity was launched, the Facebook owned company updated its DRM to block its use. Even more unsurprising though, is that within days the Revive project is back and it's already circumvented DRM protecting Unreal Engine titles. This all stems from an ongoing …

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Oculus signs on Fitbit’s Hans Hartmann as new COO

Oculus VR is continuing to snatch up some of the tech-world's brightest stars, taking on Fitbit's Hans Hartmann, who will leave his role as chief operating officer, to fulfil the same role at Oculus instead. Oculus's current COO, Laird Malamed, is said to be taking on another executive role within …

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Oculus buys another hand tracking tech firm

Oculus VR made a big splash when it announced prior to E3 that it had developed its own hand tracking controllers, called Touch. It was a surprise too, since Oculus previously purchased a company called Nimble Sense, which used a camera system to track hands, rather than the control system Oculus …

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All Oculus Rift games will have VR demos

The pre-E3 Oculus VR press event was huge, with news about everything from the hardware to the games we'll be playing. However one of the most monumental changes to the gaming landscape could come in the way that the experiences and games are delivered. As well as having their own …

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Google X display head joins Oculus VR

Oculus VR is continuing to siphon up some of the world's top tech talent with a rumoured new hire right from the heart of Google's X facility. Mary Lou Jepsen, who for the past three years has headed up the display division there, is reported to have left to join …

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You can visit Sword Art Online in your Rift

If you have an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, you can do something that thousands of digital characters never could: visit Sword Art Online and then leave, without dying. It might be a little nerve racking putting on your headset to watch the bootup sequence and character login portion of the …

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Facebook in big VR hiring spree

When Facebook bought out Oculus VR back in March last year, there was much discussion of how the social network would leave the company to be independent and continue its development alone, much like the social networking giant had done with Instagram and WhatsApp. However that doesn't mean it can't …

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