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Oculus Touch is on sale, but only in a few places

Today marks the day when Oculus catches up to the HTC Vive in the controller department. Nearly eight months on from the initial release of both headsets, Oculus Touch controllers are now out in the wild and by most reviews, they seem to be pretty great. Getting your hands on them isn't that easy though, as only a few retailers have been given stock.

The Oculus Touch are tracked motion controllers that allow for intimate gestures and hand-inputs within virtual reality in a very immersive manner. They add a whole new layer to virtual reality that really expands what's possible in VR. But it almost seems as if Oculus doesn't want too many people to get hold of them.

While there are rumours that it held off on the release of Touch to prevent stock problems like we saw with the original release of the Rift, there are only a few UK retailers with Touch stock today and even the Oculus website itself isn't shipping straight away. Ordering direct from Oculus will see you waiting until somewhere between the 16th and 21st December for it to ship out, giving you little guarantee that the controllers will arrive before Christmas.


Your best bet is to go with one of the other options. Amazon has plenty in stock, as does Game and oddly enough, PC World. Stock may vary in stores of course – there's nothing within 20 miles of me that has any.

However what's more surprising than the list of those that are stocking, is the longer one of those that aren't. Overclockers UK, Aria, Ebuyer, Scan, Novatech, Argos – none of them have any Oculus Touch stock. Even more surprising is none of them even have Oculus Rifts listed on the site.

We reached out to OCUK to find out why that was and were told that Oculus VR simply refuses to do business with it. OCUK PR manager Steven Levitt isn't concerned though:

“The Vive has done really well for us, we have sold absolutely thousands, it is great to see that Virtual Reality has become extremely popular early, and we look forward to see where VR will take us”.

He did say though that if Oculus changed its mind, OCUK would love to stock its headsets and controllers.

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KitGuru Says: Oculus VR is a very odd company. It's clear it wants VR to be mainstream, but why would you skip over some of the biggest PC and component sellers in the UK, when VR is still such a niche gaming product?

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