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A third of Valve is currently working on Virtual Reality

When it comes to Valve, what goes on in its offices is kept very secret, we can never really be too sure on what's being worked on or how far along any particular project is. However, we do know that right now a third of the company is involved in Virtual Reality, whether that be on the hardware side or the software side.

While discussing VR on Reddit, Valve's Alan Yates mentioned just how big VR is at Valve right now: “I was super fortunate to start at Valve right around the time Michael Abrash had begun the AR/VR research team. It was a much smaller team then than it is now, it has since grown to encompass about a third of the company, but the key individuals that solved most of the really hard technological problems and facilitated this generation of consumer headsets are still here working on the next generation.”


As Kotaku points out, current estimates point towards Valve having around 300 employees, so there is a sizeable team working on the future of VR, split across hardware and software.

While Oculus seemed to be at the forefront of VR for years, Valve took some of the wind out of its sales last year when it first announced the Vive headset. Aside from the Vive and the sensors itself, Valve has also thrown together some ‘proof of concept' mini games which are found in ‘The Lab'. We still don't know when Valve is going to come out with a new ‘flagship' title like Portal, Left 4 Dead or Half-Life, but hopefully some of that VR team is working on a new game to really push this new technology.

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KitGuru Says: It is always a bit exciting to hear some news coming out of Valve, though we are often left with more questions than answers. It is great that Valve is diving so deep into VR but hopefully it won't be too long before we see a new game, whether that be for the Vive or just standard PCs. 

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