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Oculus officially clears pre-orders, Rift now ships within days

Oculus had quite the struggle when it came to meeting demand for the Rift headset at launch, to the point where it has taken the company nearly four months to fulfil pre-orders. The good news is that all pre-orders have now been fulfilled and anyone who wants an Oculus Rift can get one shipped within a few days going forward.

According to Oculus, all pre-orders have now been delivered and all previous issues holding back stock have been ironed out. With stock now shipping within two to four business days, we will also start to see more Rifts pop up at retail stores, widening availability even further.


Aside from that, Oculus has also announced that its Connect conference will take place in October this year, at which we will likely get a release date for the new Touch controllers, which give the Rift similar motion control functionality to the Vive. It is also possible to get room-scale VR running on the Rift so we may see Oculus close the technology gap separating the two headsets.

KitGuru Says: As long as Oculus has ironed out its issues, it should be smooth sailing going forward. Now we just need to hope that this situation doesn’t repeat itself when the Touch controllers launch later this year. Have any of you been waiting to pick up a VR headset? Do you think you might get a Rift now that the availability issues have been fixed?

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