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Corsair AirFlow Pro Review

The Corsair AirFlow Pro is a very useful gadget which we had a lot of fun playing with. It is well built, easy to implement and offers not only activity display but temperature readout. This can be used as a good diagnostic tool, because if you have the Airflow fan running and the memory is reading RED then you know something is wrong (unless you are overvolting heavily).

The Airflow fan system really works well and dropped heatspreader temperatures by almost 10c, a sizeable reduction and a sure way to help prolong the life of your memory. Noise is also kept to a minimum which is impressive considering the size of the fans they have used.

Right now the Airflow PRO is retailing for around £40 in the UK and a full range of Corsair products can be bought from our retail partner YoyoTech.

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Rating: 8.5.

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