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Corsair AirFlow Pro Review

Corsair sent us a full kit to test the Airflow Pro unit. 4GB of Dominator memory with an Airflow unit and the Airflow Pro device.

The Airflow Pro is compatible with the following memory:

Dominator GT with DHX Pro
CMT4GX3M2A2133C9 – 2133MHz – CL9
CMT4GX3M2A1866C9 – 1866MHz – CL9
CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 – 2000MHz – CL8
CMT4GX3M2A1600C7 – 1600MHz – CL7

CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 – 2000MHz – CL8
CMT6GX3M3A1866C9 – 1866MHz – CL9
CMT6GX3M3A1600C7 – 1600MHz – CL7

CMT8GX3M4A1866C9 – 1866MHz – CL9


CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 – 1866MHz – CL9

Dominator High Density with DHX Pro

CMP16GX3M4A1333C9 – 1333MHz – CL9

CMP8GX3M4A1600C8 – 1600MHz – CL8

Dominator with DHX Pro
CMP4GX3M2A1600C9 – 1600MHz – CL9
CMP4GX3M2B1600C8 – 1600MHz – CL8
CMP4GX3M2C1600C7 – 1600MHz – CL7
CMP4GX3M2A1600C8 – 1600MHz – CL8

CMP6GX3M3A1600C7 – 1600MHz – CL7
CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 – 1600MHz – CL8

CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 – 1600MHz – CL9

The modules we received are the CMP4GX3M2C1600C7,  which is a 4GB kit configured to CL7 at 1600mhz.

The Airflow Pro box is a similar design to other recent Corsair products we have reviewed such as the AX 1200W PSU, AX 850W PSU, A50 and A70 coolers and H70 liquid cooler.

The AirFlow Pro is made from molded ABS Plastic and is finished in a simple black color to fit comfortably into as many systems as possible.

Corsair supply the mounting kit to fit the AirFlow Pro to the Airflow product. The long cables seen above right connect from the AirFlow Pro to the individual ram models.

The cables attach to the Corsair IC boards (above), which then allows the AirFlow pro to read both temperatures and activity.

Fitting the AirFlow Pro is straightforward, it simply slides into the Airflow housing on one side and two screws are connected on the other side to keep it stable and level.

Above, the AirFlow Pro is fitted to the Airflow, which sits over the memory, attached to the motherboard. It does take up considerable space, but cleverly doesn't take up any more physical space to the sides of the memory, so fitting large coolers shouldn't be affected. A power connector runs from the Pro unit to the Airflow fan.

Above, the Airflow fitted. It requires a Molex feed from the power supply to operate.

The six LED's in the middle monitor temperature and the other lights show activity across the Corsair Dominator sticks. It looks great especially with a side window mod.

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