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Corsair AirFlow Pro Review

Rating: 8.5.

KitGuru readers love sexy gadgets, and today we are looking at such a device from Corsair – The AirFlow Pro.

What does it do? Well it fits above the Corsair AirFlow 2 fan and connects to any Dominator memory that supports DHX Pro technology to provide a dynamic display of memory activity and temperature, for up to six modules.

Today we are going to show you how to install the complete kit, and will be measuring heatspreader temperatures and explaining how it works, with videos.


  • RGB Temperature Monitoring LEDs
  • Activity LEDs with support for up to six modules
  • Easily installs on top of Corsair Airflow 2 fan


  • Dominator Memory with DHX Pro technology (DOMINATOR Modules with part numbers starting with CMP and CMT)
  • Corsair Airflow 2 fan SKU # CMXAF2 (NOT compatible with Airflow 1 SKU # CMXAF1).

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  • Terry

    Pretty funky looking gadget, price aint bad either considering the electronics involved.

  • Tim

    looks great, nicely made as always from corsair.

  • Eric K

    impressive product, but a little of a small market for it I would t hink. you need corsair memory AND the airflow first………..

  • Seth

    Good article, I like the middle section for monitoring temps, thats useful.

  • Roger

    not a bad price for a guy who is into all the mods

  • Jeff

    Very good testing and seems worth the money. If of course you had Corsair memory in the first place.

  • Chief Lipstick

    I like this a lot, would look great in my lian li case with the side window mod. Time to flog my OCZ ram 😉

  • Frank Harrigston

    Ohhhhhh, very pretty, looks like crucial ballistix tracer a little. just better !

  • Robert

    Another top notch product from Corsair. very cool idea.

  • Garth

    Very nice idea, pretty pointless for cases without windows tho.

  • Joe Soap

    Can I just confirm something. I would need corsair compatible memory, the airflow unit and then the pro ?

  • Tech Head

    Corsair memory so the header will attach from the PRO, then the Airflow for the memory, and the PRO on top of it for the readout. 3 things, yes.

  • Joe Soap

    Shame it wont work with other memory, it would have bought the airflow and the pro, but not the memory as well. ive perfectly good DDR3 from ADATA.

  • Tech Head

    You dont need the pro. the airflow on its own should fit most modules if you want to get a good air cooler for the ram.