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Overclockers take centre stage at The Gadget Show Live

Without doubt, the Gadget Show Live is the largest technology show in the UK. In fact, driven by a TV audience of more than 1 million tech lovers, The Gadget Show Live finds it easy to put 30,000 folks in the same place at the same time. KitGuru takes a look at where the queues are forming and comes to a conclusion.

According to the Brit press, we are all becoming Americans. As we move toward becoming a nation that is 100% into games and sugary soda drinks, we are also getting immersed deeper and deeper into the fantasy/alternative world of computer gaming. These same papers seem to ignore Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and a record medal haul at the Olympics, but never mind, it is true that we love a good fragging session.

While there are 100s of stores across the nation that are prepared to sell us upgrades and improvements for our cars, major PC modding stores are few and far between.

Still smaller are the number of places where you can buy a system for £10,000 that includes a customised seating arrangement with hand-built leathery comfort like the Infinity Emporer from Overclockers.

According to Mark Purdy, Overclockers in-house marketing guru, “The Emperor scorpion has a unique shape and outline based around a highly stable steel structure with tilting capabilities, integrated audio system, LED lighting and much more”.

He told us, “The Emperor 1510 is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. The Emperor offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi-total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories. The result is a complete computer office, ergonomically optimized, with a minimal footprint that improves overall performance and productivity”.

There was also a smaller version on show, called the Express, both of which drew huge queues.

To be honest, it's enough to make any serious gamer drool – and that's exactly what the families that gathered around the OcUK stand at The Gadget Show Live were doing – just look at their shiny, happy faces.


Here you can see Mark Purdy, worshipping to his one true god before the doors open.

“It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine”.

KitGuru says: Having presenter Jason Bradbury come right out and say that interest in PC gaming is experiencing a massive resurgence is great news. Sure, consoles are fun and we all love plopping down in front of the sofa with our mates for a quick/mindless frag, but it's the PC that's driving the future. It also comes in ‘Empress' form, so there is ‘Something for the ladies' as Al Murray would say. More power to companies like Overclockers – show us the future lads!

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