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Apple iWatch: Two sizes, precious materials, bended form-factor

A rumour has it that Apple is on track to release its long-awaited iWatch smart-watch later this year. While Apple’s iWatch will functionally resemble existing devices, they will have one significant difference: they will be made to look like fine watches from leading brands, will be made using precious metals and will exist in many versions available at vastly different price-points.

“We are confident on Apple's ability to make wearable devices with good fashion sense, which sets Apple apart from rivals,” said Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities.

There will be two base versions of Apple iWatch: with 1.3” and 1.5” displays to fit different kinds of wrists, according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo. Both models are projected to feature curved AMOLED displays with sapphire cover glass, which is used on quality watches from different companies. The design of the watch is unknown, yet it is expected that it will be slim and will compete against sophisticated watches from renowned producers. There will be more or less affordable as well as expensive versions of the Apple smart-watches. The latter will include precious materials (e.g., precious metals, carbon fiber, alligator/crocodile leather straps, etc.).

“Fashion is the name of the game,” said Mr. Kuo in a note to clients published by MacRumours web-site. “Referring to the rules of the fashion market, we predict the iWatch casing and band will come in various materials. The most expensive model of the iWatch line will carry a price tag of several thousand U.S. dollars.”


An Apple iWatch concept

Based on the information from the KGI Securities analyst, Apple iWatch will be based on Apple’s own system-on-package solution (a tightly-integrated multi-chip module), which will be designed in-house in a bid to ensure lowest possible power consumption. The smart watch will incorporate numerous biometric sensors to support health- and fitness-oriented applications. The device is projected to feature 200 to 250mAh batteries and provide up to one day of operation.

Apple iWatch will be a companion device for, iPhone, iPad and Mac. What is unclear is whether there will be custom apps designed specifically for the watch.

It is expected that Apple will introduce the iWatch in September, 2014. The KGI Securities analyst believes that this year Apple will sell about 5.5 million of iWatch devices. Next year sales may increase to 30 – 50 million units.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: It looks like Apple got the idea of smart-watch in a right way. Watches should not only be functional, but beautiful and stylish too. Only in that case they will have a chance to rival watches which are used by millions of people worldwide today. What is unknown is how Apple plans to differentiate affordable and expensive iWatch models, keeping in mind that they will have the same specification. Perhaps, Apple itself will sell base models of the iWatch, but “professional“ watch companies will get a chance to offer “official” customized versions.

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