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OMG (Part 1): Intel Xeon 5680 Chips Served on eVGA SR2

Fast is all a matter of degrees. Roll the clock back 10 years and Intel was happy to supply you with a 1GHz processor. These days, 1GHz is reserved for phones and cheap netbooks. Given that real/raw performance relates more to clock speed and cores than anything else, what if you cranked the GHz score way past 400% up from the CPUs of yesteryear and allowed a PC to run 24 threads. KitGuru today begins a journey of wonder.

OMG ranks alongside MEGA LOLs as one of our favourite text-speaks of the 21st century. Literally OH MY GOD. KitGuru gets its hands on a lot of kit that makes us smile. Sometimes grin. But the most recent hands-on experience produced a serious stream of OMGs, MEGA LOLs and a twitchy desire to sell random possessions in order to buy some of this kit.

You don’t need it. But you really do want it.

So what has reduced KitGuru’s white-coat-wearing army of combat benchmarking veterans into a gang of giggling school kids staring at the lingerie pages of a home delivery catalogue?


Opening these packages.

Xeon 5680 chips arrive
Open, arrange, shoot, flip, shoot. Then realise you're grinning like an idiot. A very happy idiot.
Xeon 5680
No doubt. These are the Kray Twins of the CPU world. You'd pay them NOT to hurt you.
Xeon 5680
Intel Xeons are knitted by grannies. Ultra hardcore punk grannies with implants and plasma rifles.
They look big enough when you shoot them next to the picture of the SR2 on the back of the box

The really fun part was putting the chips on top of the mainboard box.

Anyone remember 2010 when the Russian chap takes a space walk near the monolith ?

Even mighty Xeons get a little nervous in the presence of EVGA's mental SR2

OK. So the OMG series has begun.

Work will commence on the kit in question and we’ll be following it all carefully, camera at the ready.

KitGuru says: Can’t wait to see how this thing overclocks and benches! Discuss in our forums.

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  • Death Dealer

    Shit – I haven’t seen these anywhere. Awesome. look forward to reading some results and nice tease so far !

  • Tim

    Arent these due out at the end of the year? how the hell did you get them so soon. wicked!

  • Eric K

    lol faiths articles always give me a chuckle, the way they are written, tongue firmly in cheek.

    I remember Zardons review of the Nehalem EP system a while back, these should be ass kickingly good. 24 Threads? bloody hell.

  • Tech Head

    Before everyone gets carried away, bear in mind these will probably cost about £1,500 for EACH CPU. and £500 at least for the motherboard. Its way out of the price range of almost everyone !

  • Harry

    I can only dream, imagine video editing with this setup. Can you overclock them? I know the intel board for the 5580’s was pretty shitty.

  • Brad

    Most awesome news. I loved skulltrail and nehalem EP. this setup should be righteous.

  • Tri Color

    For those with loads and loads and loads of disposal income. get your chequebooks out 🙂

  • fluffychicken

    Well I think the audience for this system is more professional level. video editing, hospital applications, that kind of thing.

  • Dilbert

    My boss will be wetting himself when I show him this link later today in work. He has the EP system at home. Will be his next upgrade im sure.

  • Terry

    Price I would guess will be 1,200 for each CPU, 2,500 then for that. and another 500-700 for the motherboard. over 3k for the basic, barebones system. Its pretty good value really as this isn’t targetting a home user. Although im sure intel would love them to be bought by millions.

  • SueZ

    When you really want a laugh, try to image how far in the future this will be processing power available in an HTC smartphone 😛

  • Apple are apparently using it to power the iPhone 5.

    Yes, im joking.

    or am i?

  • Carlos

    Bah, Xeons are toys. The only real processors in intels lineup are the newer Itanium 2’s that use DDR3. But then again, if you want a real CPU, you don’t even call intel. You look at things like the IBM POWER7.

  • Mr and Mrs Infinity

    We don’t get excited looking at chips,but our Son Malcom spends hours doing research with these ladies on the internet. He tells us if we buy him these new chips he may be able to produce a video for them that will enable them to afford clothes.