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YOYOTech appoints eBuyer as an official reseller

Anyone who has walked around a large electronics reseller like PC World, will have experienced a mixture of disappointment and pity when they check out the desktop system specifications. KitGuru has just received a press release that promises a much better option for those who want an ‘off the shelf’ experience. 

Back in June last year, KitGuru brought you the news that UK system builder YOYOTech was being purchased by a major distributor called Centerprise. But calling Centerprise a distributor does the Hampshire-based organisation a disservice. It also has a significant manufacturing facility in Wales.

Combining YOYOTech’s R&D ability with a large-scale production facility sounded like a good plan, but it’s taken time to bring the companies together properly. Now, according to the latest news, it seems that the partnership is in full swing and the massive online reseller eBuyer, will become a major part of its route to market.

The release says that YOYOTech, the high-performance computer division of Centerprise, has today announced a brand new partnership by appointing eBuyer as an official reseller, effective immediately. They say that demand for high-end systems in the market is healthy and growing, largely due to:-

  • 4K Gaming
    As game resolutions increase, there is pressure on system builders to include ever more powerful graphic cards
  • 4K Video
    Editing next-gen content for broadcast takes a substantial amount of power and storage, neither of which are readily available from existing retail brands
  • Crypto Currency
    As the world moves toward new monetary systems, the demand for high end systems is enormous

YOYOTech’s Managing Director, CK, explained “This promises to be a fantastic partnership for both companies, with eBuyer’s vast customer base and reputation for logistics and service, alongside YOYOTech’s reputation for creating cutting edge systems ahead of the competition”.

For CK, the opportunity is clear, “Historically, so called ‘tier one vendors’ have struggled to bring new technologies to market quickly. Our partnership with eBuyer will change that forever”.

“Not only will we be able to deliver the very latest technologies to eBuyer’s customers”, said CK. “But we will be able to do so in great volume, because all of these systems will be built at Centerprise’s enormous manufacturing facility in Wales, where sustained daily rates of more than 500 units are possible”.

Checking out eBuyer’s web site, the new range seems to be live already over here.

KitGuru says: Anything that promises stimulation in the market is a good thing. It will be interesting to see just how many technology enthusiasts go for fixed specification systems Vs regular punters that just want ‘something more’ than the current high-street can offer.

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