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How many CPU’s does it take to run a Microsoft stand?

During the second week in March, hundreds of stands, spread across dozens of halls, all scream for your attention.  So how many computers does it take to run a Microsoft stand at CeBIT?

While the familiar brands we all know from the PC industry populate halls 14 to 18, the big boys occupied 2 through to 8.

Each of these halls is as big as the largest supermarket you’ve ever seen.

With so many people keen to hear the Microsoft message, plenty of screens were needed in Hall 4.

So how much compute power is needed to keep everyone informed?

KitGuru managed to get eyes-on one of the system teams large screen monitors and the numbers are fascinating.


Well, here’s your answer.

Alongside 240 CPUs, we have 2.25TB of memory divided between 132 virtual machines with phenomenal throughput.


KitGuru says: Impressive. 

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