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AMD’s Project Quantum resurfaces in new patent listings

Back in 2015, AMD announced Project Quantum, an interesting mini PC utilising an all new form factor. Since then, there has been silence on the Project Quantum front, but that changed this week thanks to new patent listings. 

The patent spotted by @PeteB (via @_rogame) suggests that AMD hasn't abandoned the project. Initially announced in 2015, AMD claimed that it would use an AMD GPU and an Intel Devil Canyon processor. That was back when AMD was still stuck on the Bulldozer architecture and wasn't capable to rival the likes of Intel. After a year without news about Project Quantum, AMD came to the public saying that the new system would be powered by an AMD Zen processor and paired with a Vega GPU.

Four years after, we suspect that specifications would be quite different, possibly using a Zen 3 processor and a Navi GPU. Based on the patent, the casing seems very similar, featuring two chambers: one with for all the computing components and the other responsible for cooling the system with a radiator and a fan. The power supply will probably be in a dedicated casing. The patent was filed on September 15th, reserving the Project Quantum's design or itself.

With AMD announcing its new GPUs on October 28th, maybe we will get some news about Project Quantum too.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Project Quantum? Do you think AMD will indeed launch it? Would you buy it if it was available?

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