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Gigabyte introduces Project Cielo – its own modular PC desktop system

Many have tried to create a successful modular PC, but none have quite nailed it yet. Gigabyte is the latest to take this concept on with Project Cielo, a portable PC with 5G that looks a bit like a Roomba, but with taller, stackable pieces. 

Project Cielo will consist of three vertical layers. The top layer is where the PC itself is placed, featuring built-in 5G antennas above it. Then, there's the middle layer, which packs a large battery. The bottom layer comes with a big Bluetooth speaker.

As for specifications, Gigabyte hasn't detailed them yet, but considering the size of the top chamber, it should use laptop components or possibly something like an Intel NUC.

We've seen similar modular PC designs from the likes of Razer and HP in the past, although these previous attempts were not portable.

KitGuru says: It's an interesting idea, but it is a little unclear why you would choose something like this over a gaming laptop. What do you all think of Gigabyte's Project Cielo? 

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