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OCUK giving away a gaming chair with new Sapphire gaming PC

Gaming for long periods of time without ending up with posture and back problems gets harder and harder as you get older, which is why Overclockers is giving away a Nitro Series C80 gaming chair with every purchase of the new Nitro Force Sapphire gaming PC.

Although it might sound like a spin-off from the main Power Rangers team, the Nitro Force range does have some strong bang for buck under the hood. Priced to specifically stay South of that £1,000 barrier, the Nitro Force PCs come packing Core i7 6600K CPUs, 16GB of DDR4, a Nitro RX 480 graphics card from Sapphire and a 240GB SSD paired up with 2TB of HDD space.


All of this is mounted to the Asus Z170-E ATX motherboard and fitted inside a Phanteks Enthoo Pro-M case. It's a compact, but powerful system that should be able to play most contemporary games at high settings.

Sure it's not going to be a world beater and there are certainly a few KitGuru readers which would make your 3Dmark score look like child's play, but most people aren't fitting their rigs with multiple Titan Xs. For those that are looking for a new gaming system with decent power and could do with a new chair as part of the bargain, this one might be worth considering.

KitGuru Says: I get a lot of back problems from sitting typing all day and then gaming in the evening. I currently have a Better Back strap system that works well though. How do you guys keep your posture game on point?

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