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Reader review: Deepcool Baronkase Liquid, DQ750st PSU and RF 120 RGB fans

Throughout December and early January, we ran a series of daily giveaways for the holiday season. These were all ‘reviewer’ giveaways, in hopes that readers would come back and share their thoughts on what they won with us and other KitGuru visitors. We’ve had a few submissions so far and today I am pleased to share the fourth reader review with you, coming from Fraser Philip, who won the Deepcool Baronkase Liquid, DQ750st PSU and RF 120 RGB fan.

Deep Cool Baronkase Liquid:

Upon taking this case out of the box my first impressions were that it is a sturdy case, very well put together and very enthusiast friendly. The tempered glass side panel compliments the silky black finish of the case, Overall a very nice looking case.

The case comes with RGB Liquid cooling installed in the case up the top as well as a neat RGB flow meter sitting just under one of the SSD mounts visible through the side panel, there are all manner of accessories for different CPU sockets, all the different screws in labelled bags ( instead of bundled into 1 bag and you have to play hunt the screw) even a small syringe of thermal paste is included with the accessories. the RGB controller is preinstalled in the tower with the RGB control buttons positioned on top of the case to change the various modes to suit your taste.

The case has been well designed for the modern computer enthusiast builder, there are 2 mounting positions for the power supply, to get an ATX board installed you have to mount the power supply in a section on the front top of the tower with a supplied extension lead to the back of the tower to plug in, or if you have a smaller motherboard you can mount the power supply at the back bottom of the case and remove the extension lead and back panel. There are two sets of mounting points for storage, 2x 2.5″ SSD drives and 2x 3.5″ SATA HDD bays, with 2Tb, 3Tb, 4Tb and higher capacity HDDs becoming available at reasonable prices the 2 bays could easily handle the storage space you need and there are always NAS options if you require more storage in your home.

Setting up this case was a nice experience for the most part, plenty of mount points in the design for cable ties to get all those pesky cables neatened up and some preinstalled Gamer Storm Velcro straps to hold down some cabling. Mounting the power supply in the top front of the case is a fairly easy job, a bracket holds the top of the power supply with the extension lead in and screwed to the top of the case but it does require the removal of the ‘fin' type section on top and the magnetic mesh filter. The front panel of the case comes off easily with push/pull plug connections to reveal space to fit some of the RGB fans and run the cables to the preinstalled RGB controller in the top of the case, once the front panel is back in place there are air vents up the side which allow the RGB colours to show and air to flow in. With the installation of an ATX motherboard it is a snug fit, the centre partition of the case has a removable mid section to allow the installation of longer graphics cards, although with only a mid section being removable, the case isn't designed with SLi or Crossfire in mind unless you do so with shorter cards, this same removable section also caused a minor complication in that part of the case frame blocked 2 SATA ports on my motherboard, but given there are spaces for 2 SSDs and 2 x 3.5″ HDDs 4 SATA ports were accessible.

DQ75st Power Supply:

The DQ 750st Power supply is an impressive power supply, very well built, plenty of connections for SATA, molex and 2 x PCI-E power rails with 2 connectors on each with 6 or 8 pin configuration. The 80plus Gold Certification provides a sturdy base to power any system. With the power supply installed and all connected up inside the Baronkase Liquid it was down to neatening up the cables, there are alot of holes designed into the case and plenty of little cable tie points to make cable management a nice simple affair.


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The first thing that hit me as I powered up the system to windows was the noise levels, This is a very quiet tower even with 2 RF 120 RGB fans in the front, a RGB fan on the liquid cooling radiator and another on the back of the case in addition to the fans on my graphics card. It was a substantial noise difference compared to my previous tower. The top front of the case has the power/reset buttons as well as earphone/ mic 3.5mm jack ports and 2 USB 3 ports, on the side of the case just behind the ‘fin' are 3 buttons to control the RGB, which makes thing very simple and easy to get the effect you desire. The RF 120 fan set also comes with it's own controller and sync cable and is also Aura compatible, so if you have an Asus Aura capable motherboard, it will tie in nicely. These are very nice, very quiet fans and the colours are very bright with smooth fading and other effects. A really nice touch is the GamerStorm Flow Meter installed in the system, a nice touch that assures you that your liquid cooling is indeed still flowing and all is good, it is also synced with the RGB.

Over all, The case is very sturdy, very well designed, other than my slight problem with 2 SATA ports being half blocked by the centre partition of the case, with all the fans running and power supply sitting in the top front of the tower it is still a very quiet case, and with the RGB show illuminating my world I have to say I'm very impressed with the Baronkase Liquid, the DQ 750st power supply and the RF 120 RGB fan set, great design and great quality built with the home enthusiast in mind and Great value for money with liquid cooling and RGB coming preinstalled in the case.

KitGuru Says: Thanks to Fraser for sharing his review with us. We'll be back to share more reader reviews as they come in.

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