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Steelseries Siberia V2 Headset (special red edition) review

Steelseries have taken a winning formula with the Siberia and have tweaked and fine tuned it, just enough to improve the product. Many times we have seen updates and revisions actually making the product worse, rather than better – thankfully this is not the case.

The Siberia V2 are built from the ground up for gaming and forcefully reproduce the full array of audio sound fields whether it is delivering earth shattering bass as a tank is destroyed, or subtle, soft dialogue from a female NPC. They are as close to perfect for a pair of gaming headphones as we have yet to see. They are very adaptable and comfortable, ideal for long term gaming sessions online, with your clan buddies.

The microphone is going to be a strong selling point as it can be positioned as you like it and won’t pick up distracting background noise in your room. We noticed few issues with syballance unless you have the microphone virtually in your mouth so this earns it bonus points. I was quite surprised to see the cables were not braided, something I was not expecting from Steelseries.

Outside the field of gaming, I found them more limited, however I am an audiophile by nature and have spent small fortunes on partnering equipment over the years – with HD audio they are compressed and will often fail in reproducing the smallest of detail in the higher registers however we need to keep in mind the asking price – which is a competitive £80 at time of press.

All in all, these are an impressive product perfectly designed for gamers and they will help Steelseries to strengthen their already considerable reputation. Highly recommended.

KitGuru Says: The Ferrari headphones of the gaming world, with the colour to match.

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Rating: 8.5.

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