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YOYOTech Warbird SB2500-460 System Review

Rating: 8.0.

We reviewed an impressive XDNA system from YOYOTech a few months back which impressed us with a tasty overclock and CPU water cooling ‘out of the box’.  Sadly, this was priced for those people with deeper pockets, so we were very excited when YOYOTech offered us one of their latest Sandy Bridge systems –  around half the price of the XDNA.

Today we are going to look at the YOYOTech Warbird SB2500-460 which, as its name suggests, contains Intels Core i5 2500 chip, in the unlocked ‘k’ form, alongside a GTX460 graphics card.  Despite not having water cooling like the XDNA, YOYOTech have still achieved an impressive overclock on this system, at 4.6GHz.


  • 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor 2500k
  • Overclocked to 4.6GHz
  • Thermaltake Contac29 CPU Cooler
  • Intel P67 Motherboard
  • 1GB nVidia GTX460 Graphics Accelerator (3D/CUDA/PhysX)
  • 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 Memory
  • 1TB SATA II Hard Drive
  • 22x DVD MultiBurner
  • Silverstone PS03 Chassis
  • Thermaltake 550W Modular PSU

Like many system builders, YOYOTech has decided to cut costs by using the box that the Silverstone PS03 was supplied in instead of a custom branded one.  This is no bad thing, though, as the Silverstone box has ample protection built in to protect the system during transit.  Unlike many manufacturers, YOYOTech package inside the machine with bubble wrap to prevent damage to the internals.  There is a note inside the box which instructs the user to remove it before firing the system up. Our particular review sample doesn’t include any of the extras.

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  • Bertie

    Seems like a good enough system build, but I agree on the cooler choice, its not meant to be for high OC’s. more for moderate ones at relatively stock voltage settings.

  • Tim

    Looks ok, not very exciting really, more for a price point. no SSD, dated GFX and average cooler. CPU is good, but what about the motherboards? arent they recalled?

  • Tech Head

    Its all about the price point with this system. looks good. Not sure it stands out on KitGuru with all the awesome systems you guys get to review though.

  • Carlie

    I have bought from yoyotech before and their systems are excellent. This particular unit doesnt inspire me, it shows how hard it is to built a fantastic system for this price. if they spend £150 more they could have used

    better cooler (needed for this clock speed)
    better case

    All would have helped it massively.

  • Jason

    It’s interesting to see the differences in build style in the pictures. One system has the PSU facing downwards and the other is flipped around. I wonder how this would change the overall air flow and cooling performance?

    It’s also a shame that they didnt include extra fans in the front and top. When were talking about a 4.6Ghz overclock I would have thought you would want as much cooling as possible and It’s not like 2 extra fans would break the bank!!