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ASRock M8 Mini-ITX Z87 Barebones System Review

The Matroska Media container is a very popular, open standard multimedia container which is usually found as .MKV files. It is a very popular format in enthusiast circles and can be played directly in VLC or Windows Media Player with suitable codecs installed.

We played our 1080P MKV rip of The Dark Knight using the latest version of VLC Media Player.

mkv hd

Due to the rounding of our recorded CPU utilisation results, the lower-clocked 4770K in the M8 seems to outperform the forced-turbo optimisations on our ASRock Z87 OC Formula test system.

The CPU overhead required by background and stability applications may also be lower for the M8 system, hence its reduced utilisation when playing 1080P MKV content.

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