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ASRock M8 Mini-ITX Z87 Barebones System Review

Firstly, we are pleased to report that our Roccat Kone XTD mouse worked to its usual standard in the UEFI BIOS of the M8’s ASRock Z87-M8 motherboard. This is a positive point as we have experienced problems when using certain mice in the UEFI BIOS of other motherboards in the past.

The Z87-M8 motherboard’s UEFI BIOS follows ASRock’s typical styling.

System information, such as the memory quantity and speed, is displayed on the UEFI interface’s ‘Main’ page.

oc-tweaker-2  oc-tweaker-3 oc-tweaker-4oc-tweaker-5

Despite its Mini-ITX form factor and modest overclocking requirements, ASRock’s Z87-M8 motherboard provides plenty of flexibility in regards to voltage and frequency settings.


Four optimised CPU overclock profiles are installed on the Z87-M8 motherboard. We weren’t able to test their operation as heat became an issue with our test components.


A feature that has become common in ASRock’s modern UEFI BIOSes is system browser. The tool outlines some of the installed components and attached devices and can be useful when troubleshooting problematic hardware.


Up to three UEFI BIOS setting profiles can be saved to the Z87-M8 motherboard’s memory. I would typically say that three profiles is an inadequate number, especially when testing out different overclocking settings, but given the M8’s intended usage scenarios, the quantity should be sufficient.

For example, one profile could be allocated for daily usage with low- power and noise states active. Another could be used for gaming when enhanced cooling is necessary, but sound output isn’t a major concern. That leaves another profile free to be tweaked to an individual’s preference.

hw-monitor-1 hw-monitor-2

ASRock’s HWMonitor page gives users access to temperature, fan speed, and voltage readings.

The customisable fan profile allows a unit’s speed to be tweaked at five difference temperature intervals which is good for keeping temperatures or noise output under close control.

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