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Alienware’s Steam Machine to cost as much as an Xbox One

Alienware's Steam Machine has probably been the most exciting one so far, according to Gabe Newell himself, it's the one to watch and could be considered the flagship Steam Machine. Since its announcement people have been sceptical on the price and with good reason, Alienware PC's don't come cheap but this time around it seems the company is out to prove us wrong and show us that it can offer a good value PC at a price point that no system builder could argue with.

The Steam Machine is due to arrive this September and according to Bryan De Zayas, Alienware’s Global Marketing Director, it will compete with the Sony and Microsoft's new consoles in price but offer much better value from a performance perspective:  “From a price point perspective, we actually think that costing as much as an Xbox One or PS4 is going to be a big benefit. It will help better align us with that mentality from a gaming perspective that this fits in the same living room model.”

Alienware not only wants to compete with the new consoles but it also wants to prove that this box can only be built by them and no system builder can match it:

“Nobody will be able to build their own computer, that will perform this well, at the price we are going to be selling it for,” Alienware General Manager, Frank Azor, said while speaking with TrustedReviews.“In the past, there has been a premium when it comes to buying Alienware PCs, that is absolutely not going to be the case for this product.”


There is a little room for scepticism though, Frank Azor ended his statement by saying that these PC's will have ” the latest and greatest Intel CPUs, the latest and greatest NVIDIA GPUs, great memory configuration, great hard drive configuration, optimised performance and an incredible form factor.”- which seems to be promising a lot for something so cheap.

KitGuru Says: When these new PC's arrive in September, I hope that they do blow us all away and I hope that Alienware does deliver on its promise but until we see a spec sheet with a final price point, it's hard to judge.

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