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AMD looking to standardize external GPUs

It looks like AMD may be looking into the development of external graphics cards with hopes on standardizing the technology. External GPUs have been floating around for a while though quite a few PC makers like Alienware, Razer and MSI have jumped on board with their own external GPU solutions …

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Alienware updates X51 line up with Skylake

Following on from Dell’s refresh of its Alienware gaming laptop line, the X51 slim desktops have also received a hardware update, bringing things over to Intel’s latest Skylake platform and even adding in all-in-one water cooling units to keep the temperatures down. The Alienware X51 desktop systems have been around …

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The Alienware 18 is coming back, other laptops updated

Dell has gone ahead and refreshed the hardware inside of its Alienware gaming laptops, while also bringing back the massive Alienware 18. New features are also being added in, including support for USB Type-C and even Thunderbolt 3. However, the laptops aren’t being updated to Intel’s new Skylake platform, sticking …

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Alienware could be making a gaming tablet


Alienware has been diversifying from its core market of high performance gaming machines for a while now, with the likes of the Alienware Alpha, that was originally conceived as a Steambox but has Windows installed, until SteamOS is ready. Now it seems it will soon be getting into the gaming tablet arena with the …

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Alienware begins to ship its Alpha PC gaming console

Alienware has started shipments of its Alpha system, which was once supposed to become the first Steam Machine. The Alienware Alpha small form-factor PC gaming console is designed as an ultimate gaming solution for the living room. The system’s price starts at $549. Alienware Alpha is based on dual-core /quad-core …

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Alienware’s Area 51 triangular PC is now available

Alienware’s strange looking, triangular PC, which was shown off at trade shows earlier this year, is now available to buy. The Area 51 pre-built PC can sport up to three GTX 980s, paired up with an extreme edition Intel Core i7 5930k. As you would expect, the base model is pretty …

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