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Alienware’s Concept Nyx aims to be the gaming hub of the household

While most companies are betting on cloud game streaming as the next big thing, Alienware is going in a different direction, with its latest project, codenamed ‘Nyx', looking to be four gaming PCs in one by streaming to different screens throughout the home. 

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to play a game in your bedroom, pause it, and pick up where you left off in your living room? What if you paused it once again and wanted to play while getting some fresh air, resuming your gaming session in the backyard through a smartphone? That's what concept Nyx is all about, a powerful game streaming station for your home.

Concept Nyx uses Edge computing views, moving the game processing to the local network to reduce latency and improve responsiveness compared to current cloud gaming services. Besides gaming, Nyx would also offer users the ability to stream music, TV shows and movies, working much like a Plex Server with added gaming functionalities.

Developed by Alienware's Experience Innovation Group (EIG), Nyx shares the same DNA as other Alienware breakthrough solutions, like their thin X series gaming laptops and the portable concept console UFO. It looks like a simple black box on the outside, but inside there's enough power to stream four games simultaneously. In addition, Alienware is also working on a solution that would allow users to play games from a unified library, regardless of where you've acquired them.

It's worth noting that this is just a concept, meaning it's not yet an actual product. However, Alienware states it will “further develop” this concept, so there's still some hope to see something coming out of it.

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