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Leak details two new Alienware gaming monitors with ‘Fast IPS’ panels

This week, a leaked PDF has given us some early details on Alienware’s future gaming monitor plans. The document gives us most of the important details surrounding the AW2721D and AW3821DW, including talk of a ‘Fast IPS’ panel, G-Sync and high refresh rates. 

According to the leaked PDF, both monitors will use “Fast IPS” panels capable of delivering better response time and higher refresh rates than conventional ones. With these features, Dell hopes to make IPS panels “popular among gamers”.

Starting with the Dell Alienware AW2721D, this 27-inch monitor will come with a QHD “Fast IPS” panel with 1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate, capable of covering >95% of DCI-P3 colour gamut. By the looks of it, this monitor is very similar to the Dell Alienware AW2720HF, featuring a similar border-less design, AlienFX lighting and an identical ergonomic stand.

According to Dell, this monitor will feature G-Sync Ultimate, meaning that it will come with a v2 G-Sync module, but AMD FreeSync should also be supported. To be G-Sync Ultimate certified, a monitor has to include ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) and be VESA-certified for DisplayHDR 1000, but this monitor only shows as DisplayHDR 600 certified. Maybe the requirements to be G-Sync Ultimate certified will be toned down or there’s a typo in the document and this monitor is just certified for standard G-Sync.

The Dell Alienware AW3821DW is a 37.5-inch sized “Fast IPS” monitor with a WQHD resolution (3840×1600) 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Capable of covering up to 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, this display also features AlienFX lighting and received the DisplayHDR 600 and G-Sync Ultimate certification (similar situation to the AW2721D).

Both the Dell Alienware AW2721D and AW3821DW monitors are expected to be available next year, but pricing details are not known yet.

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