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The DualSense controller will have a 95% larger battery than the DS4

With the release of the PlayStation 4 back in 2013, Sony gave its DualShock controller a rather significant redesign. While many agree that it was an overall improvement, some claimed that the battery life on the controller was far too short. It appears as though Sony will be rectifying this with its upcoming PS5, as the DualSense controller appears to have a 95% higher capacity battery.

This information comes via Twitter user ‘Galaxyrain666’ who claims to be a designer and manufacturer of console accessories. The leaker managed to get their hands on the upcoming DualSense controller, revealing that the next-generation PlayStation 5 controller will feature a 1560mA battery.

This marks a 95% increase in capacity over the 1st-gen DualShock 4 (800mAh) and a 56% increase over the 2nd-gen DS4 (1000mAh). While it is possible that the increased haptics, adaptive triggers and other new features may drain the battery faster, the increased capacity – regardless of how significant – is a welcome one. Furthermore, the leaker has ‘confirmed’ that the DualSense will utilise some form of quick charging technology.

Speaking on the actual use of the controller, Galaxyrain666 claimed that the “buttons are more pleasant to press than PS4,” while “the feeling of #dualsense5 analog stick is almost the same as dualshock4”. Furthermore, the haptic feedback and triggers are “much more pleasant and comfortable than the Dualshock4, you won’t be disappointed. The feed back is magical, the triggers inside mechanical structures seems very complex.”

The DualSense controller marks a grand shift from its tried and tested DualShock technology. If Galaxyrain666 is to be believed, then the new controller alone is reason enough to be excited for the PlayStation 5.

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