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Almost 1500 Steam games are Deck Verified/Playable

While the Steam Deck has officially launched, its limited production rate has meant that early adopters are having a bitter-sweet experience. The number of supported Steam Deck titles is rather small, however it is growing every day, with almost 1500 games now Steam Deck Verified / Playable.

Making the announcement on their blog, Valve revealed that over 1000 Steam games are either playable on the Steam Deck, or fully verified for the hardware. As of right now, there are over 1400 games – though this number is increasing daily.

Valve itself highlights this, saying “Whenever we talk about compatibility rating numbers, we emphasize that this is just a snapshot of a single moment, and that ratings change over time. Even as you read this, partners are working on adding controller support, enabling anti-cheat on Deck, and smoothing out the experience for players on Deck. At the same time, every day we're fixing Proton bugs that cause issues in some games, and adding new functionality to support others.”

On top of all this, Valve stressed that their current rating system is purposefully harsh so as to not cause any false positives. What this means is that most of your game library will be just fine a majority of the time. Even so, it is encouraging to see Valve pushing so hard for complete 100% compatibility with as many games as possible – even if it does include games such as Sausage Fest.

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KitGuru says: How much of your library is Steam Deck Verified / Playable? What game do you desperately want to be supported? When is your Steam Deck meant to arrive? Let us know down below.

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