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GeForce Now Ultimate arrives with cloud streaming powered by RTX 4080s

Cloud gaming is still in its relative infancy, but the technology powering it has continued to improve over time leading to lower latency, improved visuals and more options overall. One of the primary services pushing this tech is Nvidia, with the company’s Geforce Now service seeing a major upgrade in the form of RTX 4080 GPUs – though it will cost you.

Available right now in and around San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas and Frankfurt, Germany, Geforce Now Ultimate takes your cloud gaming experience to the next level thanks to the power of the company’s RTX 4080 GPUs, allowing you to stream games at up to 240 fps with NVIDIA Reflex, up to 4K 120 fps with support for DLSS 3 and RTX ON, and ultrawide support at up to 3,840 x 1,600 resolution and 120 fps.

Even if the RTX 4080 servers are currently unavailable in your region, Geforce Now Ultimate members running on 3080s will now be able to take advantage of ultrawide resolutions and HDR on the GeForce NOW PC and macOS apps.

Nvidia has committed to bringing Geforce Now to more cities and improving the service on a weekly basis, and so even if you cannot take advantage of Geforce Now at the moment, it is fortunately only a matter of time before you should be able to. Nvidia’s Geforce Now Ultimate will not come cheap, costing users £17.99 a month – double that of the £8.99 a month ‘Priority’ service, though the upgrades are admittedly impressive.

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