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God of War director clarifies how Death Stranding is on PC

Responding to a question on Twitter, God of War (2018) director Cory Barlog added clarity to the deal struck between Hideo Kojima and Sony, with regards to Death Stranding releasing on PC. Ultimately it seems that the decision came from Hideo Kojima, not PlayStation.

The discussion started when Barlog responded on Twitter with “[n]ot in the least!” to a PushSquare article, asking the question of whether Death Stranding's PC release matters for PlayStation. A fan then replied with “[t]ime for God of War to be playable native on PC sir”, to which the God of War director explained, “[y]ou know, I would love that.  It is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade. As is proven on a daily basis, I am no Kojima”. Barlog’s response sheds light on the relationship that Kojima has with Sony, and on whose decision it was to put Death Stranding on PC.

Despite being announced by PlayStation at its E3 press conference, funding part, if not all of the game’s development and marketing costs, and even running on the Decima engine – a first party PlayStation game engine, the decision to have Death Stranding be available on PC was ultimately proposed by Kojima, and not Sony.

Sony's willingness to accept Kojima's terms and conditions for the game's release shows two things. Firstly, Hideo Kojima has built up enough of a brand and reputation of his own, that Sony were willing to compromise for the sake of having his name associated with the PlayStation brand. Secondly, Sony themselves don’t consider the PC market to be a direct competitor to the PlayStation — at least not in the same way that the Xbox is.

Hideo Kojima has always appreciated technology and the benefits brought about by utilising new and powerful tech. Perhaps that is why he was insistent on Death Stranding coming to PC – the PlayStation 4 is quickly approaching its 6th birthday after all.

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