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Lies of P quietly adds Denuvo DRM right before launch

Lies of P is the latest Souls-like to capture the hearts of fans, letting you play as the famous Pinocchio in a cruel, dark Belle Époque world. With reviews now available for the game, it is clear that Lies of P has resonated with most professional critics. Unfortunately for those who have picked up the game thanks to its reception, Lies of P has sneakily added Denuvo DRM to the title just ahead of its official launch.

Denuvo’s DRM has sparked a great deal of controversy in recent years. While designed to help curb piracy in the PC space, this implementation of DRM is seen by many to be antithetical to the core of the PC platform. Additionally, many games which have utilised Denuvo have suffered from performance issues as a direct result of its inclusion.

As reported by Exputer, in a somewhat sneaky move Denuvo has now been added to Lies of P, however only after the review embargo was lifted – meaning all those who reviewed the game professionally did so prior to the inclusion of Denuvo.

Considering the fact that many look to these reviews to determine whether they should buy a game or not, purposefully withholding such a controversial technology from the game until after reviews are already out is somewhat disingenuous of the team at NEOWIZ. Hopefully at the very least, the addition of Denuvo does not negatively impact Lies of P’s technical performance.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Denuvo? Have you picked up Lies of P? Do you think this last-minute addition was done on purpose? Let us know down below.

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