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RTX 5090 rumoured be about 70% faster than the RTX 4090

While early reports have already claimed that Nvidia will wait until 2025 to release the RTX 5090, the first rumours about the upcoming GPU are already making the rounds online – including reports that it could be as much as 70% faster than the RTX 4090.

The rumours were first shared by Panzerlied (via VideoCardz), the same leaker who shared the first details on Nvidia's next-generation of consumer GPUs and that NVIDIA intends to skip the xxx04-class GPUs in their GPU series. Following Panzerlied's post, VideoCardz asked kopite7kimi about these rumours, which the leaker corroborated.

According to Panzerlied (based on DeepL translation), the RTX 5090 would have a 50% increase in scale, a 52% increase in memory bandwidth, a 78% increase in L2 cache, and 15% higher clock speeds. All this would reportedly net a 70% improvement in performance.

Taking the RTX 4090 specs into account, a 52% memory bandwidth increase (about 1.54 TB/s) means we could see the RTX 5090 using either 24 GB of GDDR7 memory running at 32 Gbps. Other alternatives would be using a 512-bit memory bus with 24 Gbps memory or a 448-bit memory bus with 28 Gbps memory. As for the clock speed, it's possible the upcoming flagship card will boost close to the 3.0 GHz mark, and in some cases, even surpass it. Lastly, a 78% increase in L2 cache means we can expect 128 MB of L2 cache on the RTX 5090.

Although all this looks promising, it will take time to get confirmation on all of this. After all, the RTX 5090 and other RTX 50 series GPUs are expected to be released in 2025.

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KitGuru says: What kind of generational uplift are you expecting from the RTX 50 series? Does a 70% improvement over the already mighty RTX 4090 seem plausible?

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