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Minecraft Java and Bedrock are coming to Game Pass PC

Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time, with over 200 million copies sold, and 140 million active monthly users. Evenso, not everyone owns the game, and so in order to boost its Game Pass numbers, Xbox has now announced that Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition will be coming to the game subscription service.

Minecraft Live, described as “A celebration of all things Minecraft!” recently took place, bringing with it a whole litany of announcements. Alongside the news that Minecraft’s Cave & Cliffs Part II update is coming in “a month or two,” it was also revealed that both main versions of the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in November under the same launcher.

Minecraft’s PC release offers two main different versions: The Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. Java Edition served as the original release for the game, and offers many advantages over the Bedrock Edition, namely mods, free user content and more.

Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition on the other hand sees less user support, but more support from Mojang and Microsoft, offering interesting paid DLC packs, official ray-tracing support and more.

No matter which version of Minecraft you prefer, it is good to see both PC Editions of the ever-popular game are being put onto Game Pass for PC. It will be interesting to see how this affects sales of the game on PC from this point forth – especially as Game Pass is estimated to have more than 30 million subscribers. The full list of Minecraft Live announcements can be found HERE.

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