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Terraria breaks record as the most positively reviewed game on Steam

Terraria is a quiet titan, with the game having sold over 44 million copies since its launch back in 2011. With so many sales comes a lot of opinions. Fortunately for the game, consensus is overwhelmingly positive to this day, with Terraria now breaking a major Steam record.

As discovered by Twitter user ‘Demize’, “Terraria is now the first game on Steam with over 1 million reviews while keeping its Overwhelmingly Positive status! (97% positive).”

For context, there exists a number of games with far more than 1 million reviews, and likewise there exists a number of games with a more positive reception, but Terraria is the only one with over a million reviews while maintaining its status with an overwhelmingly positive review consensus.

Games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, GTA V and PUBG: Battlegrounds all have over one million reviews (with CS:GO impressively featuring over 6 and a half million ratings), but none of them have been able to maintain an ‘overwhlemingly positive’ reception, with the likes of PUBG sitting at a relatively low ‘56% positive’.

Terraria managing to maintain such a high rating while not only selling so many copies, but also doing so over the course of a decade is impressive indeed. With the devs continuing to add new free content to the game, it is safe to say that Terrarria’s reviews will not be going down.

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