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Mesh Elite 4770K Gamer System Review

Mesh ship the system in a large brown box with layers of styrofoam and packs of molded foam for protection.


Mesh have chosen to use the Fractal Design Define R4 which has won our Must Have Award in the past. If you missed our full, indepth review you can catch up by clicking here.

IMG_8830 IMG_8831

The I/O panel on top houses audio and mic jacks on the left-hand side, a small Reset button, a large Power button, two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

The front panel door swings open to show the 80-in-1 Akasa card reader and optical drive.


Up top we catch a glimpse of the Corsair H100i’s fans with its white fan blades, creating a pleasing contrast against the black chassis.


Turning the case around shows the MSI z87-GD65 motherboard offers plenty of connectivity for demanding users.

The Define R4’s white expansion slots further accentuate the design of the case.

IMG_8834222 IMG_8836

Some readers on our Facebook page have expressed concern about systems shipping without protection for the GPU. These readers will be happy to know Mesh make sure to include a large warning in the box and on the system to let users know that a block of molded foam is protecting the system’s components during transport.

Bequiet! have made great impressions with their wide range of power supplies and it is nice to see a UK system builder using their Pure Power L8.

The MSI GTX 770 shows no signs of sagging and our attempt at moving the card proved unsuccessful. The cables have been routed along the side and bottom of the case to avoid obstructing the card’s cooling.

Following the direction of the power supply cables, the Corsair H100i’s tubing has been routed towards the front of the case, creating a large open space. On the far right we can see the 2TB storage drive and Samsung 840 Pro solid state drive in their metal caddies.


The MSI z87-GD65 motherboard boasts a wide range of features, including an Audio Killer chipset. The board also prominently features MSI’s iconic logo.

A lower angle shows the Corsair H100i fits snugly above the motherboard’s heatsink.


This shot gives us a better look at the cable routing in the bottom of the case. Overall, the build has a clean look and would certainly look great with a windowed side panel.

The other side of the case shows Mesh have taken advantage of the Define R4’s cable routing options, keeping the right half of the motherboard tray clear of cables. All cables have been routed directly next to the rubber grommets so no cables can be seen when viewed from the front.

IMG_8842 IMG_8843

Finally, a closer look at the cable routing near the hard drives shows the use of angled SATA connectors. All cables seem to have some slack in them, reducing the physical stress that is placed on components.

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