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ARIA Gladiator 6300-HD7870LE AMD 4.10ghz 6 core System review

Rating: 8.0.

If you have a limited budget then many of the high end systems we review on Kitguru are simply out of reach. Today we aim to redress this by looking at a budget oriented build from UK retailer ARIA. The Gladiator 6300 comprises a 6 core AMD processor, 8GB of 1,600mhz memory, Corsair power supply and an AMD HD7870 Tahiti LE graphics card. The asking price? A cool £499.99 inc vat. Is this THE budget system you need to be looking at this year?

The Gladiator system is designed for the enthusiast user on a very tight budget. If you aren’t able to make the time to build a system, or just don’t have the interest then ARIA are promoting the Gladiator 6300 as an ideal, low cost gaming system. Today we will test the system with a variety of synthetic and real world benchmarks.

It is worth pointing out that ARIA don’t ship the Gladiator 6300-HD7870LE with an Operating system installed, so you need to factor that into the cost and spend some time setting the system up after unboxing.



• AMD (Piledriver) FX-6300 Black Edition 3.50GHz (4.10GHz Turbo Speed) Six-Core Processor.
• AMD Radeon HD 7870 Tahiti LE GDDR5 2048MB DirectX 11 Graphics.
• 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 (2x4096MB) Dual-Channel Memory (32GB Supported).
• 500GB Hitachi SATA Hard Drive – OS, Applications & Storage.
• GIGABYTE AMD 760G Express Chipset Motherboard w/ 2x USB 3.0 Ports.
• 500W Corsair Builder Series 500CX 80PLUS Bronze Power Supply.
• ARIAnet Triton Black Midi Tower Gaming Case w/ Blue LED Fan.
• AMD CPU Cooler.
• Lite-On DVDRW Dual Layer SATA 24x DVD±R Rewriter (m-Disk Support).
• Onboard 2/4/5.1/7.1 Channel High Definition Audio.

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  • Denna

    How much extra would it have cost to include a 64GB SSD? including a 2.5 inch 5,400 rpm laptop drive seems weird.

  • Davis

    getting a system out at £500 quid with everything ‘cool’ in it, is difficult. I think this is quite good. Maybe dropping the LE to a HD7850 and putting in an SSD would have worked out the same price, but overall a better all round performance?

  • Shaun

    @ Davis. I dont agree. its easy to upgrade with an SSD later, for say £60, and you dont have to bin the 500gb mechniacal drive in the system. the hD7850 is much weaker than a HD7870 Tahiti LE and you would have to bin the HD7850 for an upgrade later.

  • Davis

    But if you had an SSD in the system then you could save that £60, and get another HD7850 for crossfire, they are cheap right now, that would buy half of one. and you would be faster than a single HD7870.

  • John

    The CX500 can’t handle 4 PCI E connectors, it only has 2, so Crsossfire is out of the question, unless its low end hardware.

  • Simon

    Have just received one of these systems for my son. Nicely put together. The 7870 Tahiti LE was by far the better choice as they have used a micro ATX mobo that does no support Crossfire. Installing an SSD later will be the way we go.
    Also to let folk know, the system comes in the case box with the mobo box taped to the top with all the driver CD’s etc. That then comes in a bigger box with more than enough protection for a sate journey. Our one arrived with the mobo box looking like new. Looking forward to giving it a run later.