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ARIA Gladiator Punisher 7950 i5-3570K 4.40GHz LAN OC PC Review

Our review system shipped inside a large box with the Prodigy chassis box inside.
ARIA include the motherboard box with all the accessories and left over components from the build phase. There is also a drive dock bay supplied which they removed from the Prodigy.
The Bitfenix Prodigy is a gorgeous case, predominately white, with black accenting. A very high contrast chassis design which looks very clean. You can read our indepth review of this chassis, over here.
ARIA have installed a DVD rewriter at the top of the case. Not a BluRay player, sadly.
The Prodigy has little handles at the front and back, this makes it very easy to carry around.
Along the side of the Prodigy is a power button, reset switch, headphone and microphone jack and two USB 3.0 ports.
The rear of the case is home to the CPU cooling fan (Corsair liquid cooler in this build). The ASUS Mini ITX motherboard is fully loaded and even has video output if you don’t use a discrete graphics card.
When the side door is removed, we can see the HD7950 graphics card, in this build an XFX dual fan model. All of the cabling is well hidden on this side, quite difficult to achieve with a physically small chassis such as this. Underneath we can see the Corsair CX600M power supply. We reviewed this over here, if you want further information.
We removed the other side panel which has cables connected directly to the motherboard. We can get a better look at the Corsair liquid cooler from this side. Many of the cables are routed underneath the motherboard section, hidden out of view from the other side.

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