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Briony UPDATE on her 2018 PC GAMING build – name, OC, new hardware and changes!

A lot has been happening for our Briony this year. Back in March she jumped headfirst into doing a live system build – Livestream style, without a safety net. The idea was to keep in mistakes, bloopers and everything that went wrong – because we felt that many people are too afraid to build a new system in case something goes wrong. We showed that things will go wrong but its not that hard to fix them either. After she made this build, she spent some time with legendary overclocker 8PACK going over the basics of overclocking. It was something she said she was not comfortable with at all – but she left her video with 8PACK feeling a lot more comfortable with some of the BIOS settings. Today she showcases a 30 minute update on her original 2 hr 30 minute ‘build' video – she has made some changes – a new graphics card, some changes to her cable management layout and she has gotten hold of the latest Corsair software which she demos in the video. Oh yes, thanks to everyone who helped her come up with a name for her system – she finally picked one but you have to watch the video to find out what it was.


00:22 Thanks to the Sponsors!
00:31 Watch Briony’s original build video!
01:41 The name of the system is ….
02:02 The changes that I have made …
02:23 In order to get in my drives
02:43 I changed the graphics card (the joys of 4k gaming)!
04.22 Overclocking and what ive learned from 8PACK (see our video)
05:39 Restarting the system to share BIOS settings
06:58 5ghz – I want it, but can’t get it
08:23 I think I could hit 5ghz, but im a complete newb
09:00 Load Line Calibration settings
10:49 I want really good performance but not too hot or loud
14:05 Cinebench score overclocked!
14:33 Overclocking the graphics card
20:35 I absolutely love 4k
20:40 I love the 40 inch Philips 4k Panel I was sent!
22:12 My 3DMark score
22:50 Thanks 8 Pack!
23:03 Don’t be scared to overclock
24:03 Talk about the Corsair Case (when Briony remembers the name)
24:40 FarCry 5 – I love it – and great IQ software lighting work
26:17 Corsair IQ Software Full on Demo!
27:08 I think thats all I wanted to talk about – ask me questions!
27:52 Do you want more of these style of videos?
29:24 System showcase

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