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Building your first Custom Designed Watercooled PC: Part 2

STOP! If you have never built a PC before, this video is not a step by step guide for newbies. It doesn’t explain how to insert a processor, or what you do with a power supply. It won’t tell you how to tweak your bios and overclock. If you are reading this page it is expected that you already have a fair few hours of system building under your belt. This article today is meant as useful advice for an experienced system builder who wants to move from the mainstream world of AIO liquid coolers / air coolers into the world of custom watercooling.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over at 1080p60 on YouTube HERE.

Part 1 of our ‘Building your first Custom Designed Watercooled PC' (HERE) proved very popular, we have had over 150,000 views on YouTube and 200,000 on VIMEO at time of publication today. The good news is that Stuart Tonks from GGF Lan Party has finally had time to finish the more indepth ‘Part 2', which we present today. This video goes into some detail on hard tubing, how to cut it, shape it and the tools you need to create some amazing system builds.

You can buy:
ASUS Strix GTX980 Direct CU II HERE and ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero/Alpha HERE.
Seasonic Platinum 1200W HERE.

Discuss on our Facebook page, over HERE.

Equipment used to cool the system:
CPU Block – Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF (Intel) (Brass Top Version) – BP-WBCPUIBA-CUSLSL
GPU Blocks – Bitspower VG-NGTX980ADIIS Acrylic Top With Stainless Panel (Clear) – BP-WBVGNGTX980ADIISNPAC
Radiators – Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 240mm and 260mm
Pump Combo – Bitspower D5 MOD Package (Clear Acrylic TOP S + MOD Kit V2 Bule) – BP-D5TMACSV2-CLBL
Pump Top – Dual / Single D5 Top Upgrade Kit 150 (Clear Acrylic Cap) – BP-D5TOPUK150AC-CLCL
Pump – Standard D5
Res mount for radiator – 120 Water Tank Mount Panel (RAD Side) – BP-120WTMP-BK
Coolant – Thermaltake C1000 Blue
Fans – Thermaltake Riing white Fans
Tube – Bitspower 12mm PETG

Fittings – Bitspower:
G1/4″ Deluxe White Q-Rotary IG1/4″X3 Extender x1
G1/4″ Deluxe White Rotary 90-Degree IG1/4″ Extender x3
G1/4″ Deluxe White Rotary 45-Degree IG1/4″ Extender x1
G1/4″ Deluxe White Mini Dual G1/4″ Extender x1
G1/4″ Deluxe White Low-Profile Stop Fitting x14
G1/4″ Deluxe White Multi-Link Adapter x12
Deluxe White Mini Valve With Black Handle x1




Stuart is one of the best system builders on the face of the planet – we have shared his systems on our Facebook page now for years, and a lot of people ask us how they go about creating something ‘truly special'. We hope these guide style videos are both entertaining and practical.

This second video is in place to explain some do’s and dont’s if you are considering using hard tubing – Stuart discusses the intricacies of heating, tube angles and the tools you need to create the final system build. It is for KitGuru readers who want to take their rig ‘to the next level’. Not only will you improve cooling performance, but you will end up with a system to amaze the family and make your friends jealous.

We hope this helps KG readers push their system designs further because we know from social media that many would love to create a custom watercooled system, but perhaps lack the faith in their abilities and find it nerve-wrecking. Watch the video and if you do make the effort to build a new rig, do share with us.

If this video is well received I will be working with Stuart on delivering more videos for KitGuru readers. I need you to let me know what you think – email [email protected]

Special thanks goes out to our advertisers and Stuart’s sponsors who helped with the hardware in this video – companies such as ASUS and SEASONIC.

Be sure to check out the GGF Lan Party Facebook page and pictures at the bottom of this page highlighting a handful of the amazing mods and  systems Stuart has built.














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