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Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The Dell Inspiron 620 MT arrives in a traditionally design brown box with the name of the company on all sides. The Intel logo is also visible.

The keyboard is supplied in a separate box. There is also a power cable, mouse and literature on the product.

The keyboard and mouse are Dell’s entry level models, and perfectly usable for duties as a workstation. Gamers might want to spend a little extra, either via the Dell configuration options, or in a separate purchase.

The Dell Inspiron 620 MT is a reasonably attractive little computer, with the looks improved by the coloured front panels. We received the ‘Peacock Blue’ version for review.

There is a power button on the front, and the third panel flips open to reveal the I/O panel. There is a card reader here, alongside a headphone and microphone port, and two USB 2.0 ports.

The side panel has the ‘Inspiron’ product name embossed into it, with a vent on the side panel to improve air flow.

The top and bottom of the case have no ports or fans.

As we can see from the rear of the chassis, the power supply is positioned at the top. There is an exhaust fan positioned in the middle, with the I/O panel at the left. Underneath is the graphics card.

The I/O has a 1Gbit lan connector, six USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA video out, and audio connectors. The Nvidia GT 420 video card underneath has a DVI, HDMI and VGA connector for digital and analog panel support.

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