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PCSpecialist Vanquish Z11 System Review

The Vanquish Z11 ships inside a large brown box which offers good protection during shipping.

Inside the main box is a smaller, thin box which contains all the extras such as cables which haven’t been used. PCSpecialist include the user manuals and boxes for all the components as well as a quick start guide and driver discs.

Underneath the smaller box is the main system itself protected inside foam pieces. PCSpecialist attach a warning sticker to the outside of the system as they pack the inside of the case with a sculpted foam – this needs removed before turning on. More on this later.

We have never reviewed the Zalman Z11 before, however for a budget oriented case it is actually very well built and looks quite impressive. The dramatically shaped panels catch the eye immediately.

Along the bottom of the front of the case is an intake fan section. The top of the case is angled backwards with the I/O connectors at the front section of the top panel. The main power button resides at the very front. PCSpecialist have installed a DVD writer at the top.

The I/O panel includes two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports for high speed devices, such as external hard drives. There is also a reset button and a headphone and microphone jack on the opposite side. The rear section of the Z11 is designed to represent scales and helps improve airflow outwards through the top of the chassis.

One side of the case has a windowed panel visible meaning you can show off the internal build nicely.

The chunky side panels have air intake vents on both sides. There are fans built into these little sections which we can see once we open the case.

The rear of the case has positions for watercooling, underneath the large exhaust fan. The dual slot graphics card has full sized connectors for HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. At the very bottom we can see the Corsair TX650V2 power supply.

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