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PCSpecialist Vanquish Z11 System Review

PCSpecialist use a great foam padding system which is sculpted to fit the internals perfectly. While it offers additional protection against damage during shipping it does need to be removed before firing up the Z11 first time.

First impressions of the Z11 system build are positive. PCSpecialist are using a range of high grade components which will appeal to the enthusiast audience, such as a Corsair H40 and TX power supply.

As mentioned earlier in the review, both side panels of the Z11 chassis have bulging front blocks which contain small fans, as shown above. This will help enhance the air flow.

The Corsair TX650V2 power supply is installed at the bottom of the case, right next to a clear intake fan.

The Kingston 120GB V300 solid state drive is installed above the 1TB mechanical drive at the front of the case. This is a perfect configuration delivering fast boot up and system response while still offering plenty of storage space for files.

The Core i5 3570K is cooled by the Corsair H40, a capable little unit. Underneath is a Palit GTX660 ti graphics card.

PCSpecialist are using the latest Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary memory, which ships with lovely silver heatspreaders.

PCSpecialist have always paid plenty of attention to cable routing in their systems and we see no problems with this build either.

The other side of the case is where all the cabling is hidden from view. Again a good job by PCSpecialist.

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  • Joe

    I built a system for the same price. Very closely matched actually, except my cable routing is a mess.

    They seem a good company.

  • Wilker

    Never even seen that case before, looks very aggressive. I like it.

    Seems like a good well balanced system, only thing I would change would be the cooler. get the H60 and overclock it to 4.7 or 4.8. only £30 more.

  • Andi

    GOod company, my friend bought the last system Kitguru reviewed from them and he loves it. this looks good too.

  • Vhero

    this isnt available on their site I looked everywhere for this system as there finance options are really great. Pay within a year and pay Zero interest.

  • Vhero, its a special system deal – link is in the conclusion page – https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/reviews/

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  • stuey

    I have this case it has great cooling and is very quiet even though it has five fans as standard