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Google buys Sparrow, different kind of tweeting noise

While some birds spend ages singing complex tunes, sparrow tend to tweet. The animal can take in a whole load of sensory inputs and reply back with a simple, direct message. Google is looking to take on this attribute with the purchase of Sparrow. KitGuru buys a pack of budgie seed and sets about sprinkling.

On one of our associates mobile phones, we regularly see half a dozen emails set up. Every now and then, there is a ‘great synchronisation’ and everything is bright together/updated. And that’s a lot of work.

Then you have the responses themselves.

Formatted replies with lots of ‘Dear Mr…’, ‘I refer to your letter of the…’ and ‘If you have any…’ type inclusions, can make for bulky replies.

What if you follow the logic of the sparrow and give a simple reply, that is 100% to the point?

Dom Leca, CEO or Sparrow is well chuffed that Google has splashed the cash. A nice business card update is in order and the whole company can now be part of something very big and very special.  They posted a message on their website on Friday announcing the takeover.

Google+ has struggled to capture the imagination, but if you look at the complete spread of products now being offered – including Docs, Gmail etc – the overall package is settling to become an awesome ‘future product’ once integration has been smoothed out.

KitGuru says: Brevity is a key aspect of business communication at the top end – decision makers tend not to spend all day crafting huge responses. It’s normally middle management or those who are lower on the corporate ladder that feel the need to ‘fill out’ replies, because they need to justify themselves. Maybe Google will make us all act like CEOs with our Sparrow-driven one liners.

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