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Twitter growth stagnates, losses compound, shares tumble

The future of the Twitter social networking service is being called into question after it reported a lack of user growth throughout the fourth quarter of 2015. It also reported a loss of nearly $100 million, despite a near 50 per cent increase in revenue. This sent shares tumbling by …

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Twitter may be culling the 140 character limit

Twitter may be set to bring an end to its most iconic feature: the ability to type no more than 140 characters in a tweet. The number is synonymous with the service, but according to various sources that are said to be “familiar with the company's plans,” the prevailing winds …

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Twitter has dropped the DM character limit

140 characters is all you get with Twitter, which is why some resort to third party services if they want to communicate something longer form on the platform. However now at least users can send longer messages to those that follow them back, since direct messages have had their restrictions …

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Evolve community manager fired over controversial tweet

Turtle Rock, the developer behind the upcoming game, Evolve, has fired its Community Manager over a controversial tweet backing LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, who was banned from the NBA for life after a recording of him being racist in his own home leaked. Sterling had told his girlfriend not to …

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Would you buy goods through a Tweet?

This is the question Twitter is hoping you'll answer “yes,” to in the coming months, as it plans to try and monetise its service to a much greater extent, by setting up an e-commerce platform within the Twitter experience, giving you the option to buy products talked about through tweets. …

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MSI localises UK Tweeting action – time to follow

While it's all well and good keeping up to date with foreign affairs using CNN, Al Jazeera or RT, but when it comes to Tweets, it's a little more useful if a global organisation gives you localised content – including launches and offers. MSI has now made that move. KitGuru …

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Murdoch considers phone hacking victims scumbags

Rupert Murdoch

There has been condemnation from several high profile Twitter users and the general public, after Rupert Murdoch announced on the social networking site that he believed those campaigning against the phone hacking perpetrated by the News of the World in 2011 were, “scumbag celebrities.” “Told UK's Cameron receiving scumbag celebrities …

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Can Tweet sentence cause a jail sentence?

In one of the most bizarre stories of recent times, a British teenager has been arrested for a tweet in which no one swore, threatened, made racial or sexual statements. KitGuru considers how free a country can be when you're not free to tweet an opinion. Right now, in the …

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Google buys Sparrow, different kind of tweeting noise

While some birds spend ages singing complex tunes, sparrow tend to tweet. The animal can take in a whole load of sensory inputs and reply back with a simple, direct message. Google is looking to take on this attribute with the purchase of Sparrow. KitGuru buys a pack of budgie …

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